Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Advertising Experiments

Partly because Google took forever to set up my new Ads, and still haven't set them active, I have been looking at other ways to promote and market Democracy 2. One thing I did, but I'm not sure it will be much help, is to put together some little advert banners that I think work as forums sigs:


I guess that might help. Another thing I've done is take some time to tweak the settings on my existing google ads, and I also signed up with yahoo search marketing today. I now have accounts at google, MSN and Yahoo, and the vast majority of my monthly company expenses is adverts.
I'm generally paying about 10-12c per click, assuming that I might get a sale in every 50 clicks, that's costing me about $5 to sell a $20 game, so it makes sense.
Some people want to charge frankly hilarious rates for advertising. I saw a webpage wanting £30 CPM today. That's $60.00 for showing an advert banner a thousand times. Assuming 1 in a hundred people clicks it, and assuming a 1 in 50 sale from that, this means I need to display 5000 ads (costing $300) to sell a $20 game. Unless you are selling rolex watches at astonishing markups, who the hell pays that?

This leads on to my pet hate, and that's false advertising rates, or 'negotiable rates'. Don't mess me around. tell me your price. its a free market, don't be shy. If your rates have to vary often, have an RSS feed for them , or whatever, I'm fine with that. But don't set your products price as

"what I think this mug will pay once I speak to him on the phone".

I don't force my customers to haggle. If you sell advertising, don't force YOUR customers to haggle either. Google don't haggle, and they do pretty well.

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