Monday, December 10, 2007

Democracy 2 patch under way

No sooner do you release a game than you need to patch it. My games historically have had a few bugs on release, but I tried extra hard this time, and think I did pretty well. There are a a few niggles, but tbh, the patch will be mostly new features rather than bug fixes.

Sales have started well, considering I haven't told anyone about it yet. that starts today, when i send out my emails the minute the patch is up and running. So it will then be time to do emails to editors etc etc.
I already submitted the game to 60 download sites, only takes an hour or so to do it. And some of them take forever to list stuff. Tucows is delusional if it thinks I'm paying for a faster listing. I'm sure its not vaguely worth it. Take your time tucows... all you are doing is ensuring your site is known as the best download site for last years products...

Of course all this hard work means I'm not getting enough time to advance my Call Of Duty 4 Rank (currently 40). Bah!

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