Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Polishing and Fixing

I'm rubbish at polishing and bug fixing. Many of my previous games have suffered from a few bugs on the day they get released, and I'm determined for that not to be the case this time. I would normally have released it last week, but I've been taking extra time to triple check all that stuff I normally don't even double check!

So I'm doing stuff like grammar and spell checking everything, checking it runs on a limited Vista account, checking for laptop and XP support etc.

It's getting there. No game is ever really finished ever, people just run out of budget and stop working on them. I have no delusion that the games code is now final forever and ever, and this is the first game of mine where people can click a button in a menu and check the version number against a web server check, so it's even easier to push updates out to people.

I'm already mulling over in my head which game to do next. There are 2 serious contenders. One is really commercial. One is really niche, but i think it's a cool niche. Can't decide...

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