Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why fictional countries?

A few people have asked why Democracy 2 has fictional countries rather than real ones. Here is why...

1) Democracy 1 has real countries, and it will still exist, so I would prefer to have a different approach.
2) I got a LOT of people complaining that the real countries did not cater for all the real-world issues in that country. Plus people saying they lived in country X and country X does not have inheritance tax, and in fact it does have a high level of technological capability, and that they don 't have street gangs, and that clearly I was some evil foreign devil who just hated country X.
3) Having fictional countries lets me have more radical things happen. For example, your country controls an island that can be invaded by foreign armies. This just doesn't make sense for a lot of real world countries, but with virtual ones, I can go mad.

Those are the main reasons I'm doing it this way. Flexibility basically. Hopefully people will not be too sad that their favourite country isn't in the game . I guess some people really enjoyed making Canada a patriotic militaristic empire...

The game is shaping up really well. I haven not gone a whole day of playing it yet without spotting something to fix, so it's not releasable yet. But now its minor things, like text needing correcting, or some minor visual tweaks, support for swapped mouse buttons etc.

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