Thursday, December 13, 2007

Adwords are STUCK

I've been a long time user of adwords, for both text and banner ads, but my attempts to start a new banner ad campaign fro democracy 2 have just failed badly. No matter what I select, what numbers I pick, and what I do, my campaign just sits there and shows zero impressions. I have emailed google twice to ask for help and been ignored. You would think an email from someone spending thousands of dollars a year as a customer would at least get read? Google do a good job generally, but they make it impossible for you to contact them and are very slow to reply. Crap customer service, despite their geeky trendyness...

I released version 1.02 of Democracy 2 today. fixes are:
  • Fixed bug where election was seen as imminent on reports just after an election was won.
  • Changed election text to not say 'years' in case 1 year term was selected.
  • Changed the description of violent crime.
  • Fixed bug where save and resume buttons dissappeared if you had started by loading in a saved game.
  • Fixed crash bug when banning tobacco adverts.
  • Changed load game screen to use last modified time rather than creation time.
  • Fixed bug where some simulation values could go below 0 when they were supposed to have a 0 minimum.
  • Fixed bug where the values of some taxes could be scaled wrong the first turn after loading a game.
  • Added new option to browse potential ministers without firing someone first.
  • Fixed bug where slider values could be wrong with sliders that have discrete notches in them. (also loading in invalid values)
  • Added support for new names files, and added russian and spanish names to existing missions

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