Friday, December 14, 2007


So today phpbb3 came out, the latest upgrade to the free forum software I use. I have been bitten twice in the past by having forums wiped out by ahckers, so i was determined to ALWAYS be up to date with forum releases 9to patch security problems).
I had assumed that it would take a few hours to sort everything out but in fact it took all day and involved copying stuff locally, installing a local php server, yada yada. At one point I had both versions running and neither of them working. Bah!

But yay! in time, all ws good with the world, and there came a magical moment when I realised that I had a new phpbb 3 install with all my old data intact. Twas a glorious moment, even if it basically took all day to get there.
So since then I have been bug fixing. Tragically Democracy 2 STILL has some bugs in it that i *should* have caught before release. I think I've found and fixed them all now, but I need to do a good day or so's play testing at the weekend before I upload the latest (and hopefully last for a while) patch to the game.

Google still can't be bothered to reply to me. What gits.

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