Thursday, April 12, 2007

Modding and Skinning

My last two games (Democracy and Kudos) both had some limited mod support. They even had a built in feature to download new content direct from my server as it became available. I think that's quite a cool feature to have, especially if you can make it easy for people to create their own content (web '2.0' is the buzzword for this).
To be honest, Kudos-Rock Legend will NOT be my big 'mega-moddable' game. It's just not designed around it like my next one will be.
However, I'm determined to get at least some customisability in there, so I added a very basic supprot for different 'skins' for the game.
At the moment it's just a different background graphic for the game, but once I have all the support in there for choosing a skin, and everything else is donw, I might come back and add some more customisability.
Ideally, people who made some really good background graphics could share them with other players. I can imagine some die-hard Iron maiden fans knocking up suitable backdrops for example.
Right now, there are only 2 -> the 'classic' and 'metal' skins :D.

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