Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rock Star Progress

Been very busy lately... heres the current state of Rock Star

The games website has been started on:

Most of the save/load code is done, and I'm regularly using saved games for testing.
The majority of the major game features are in, although I need to do some more work on the end game stuff.
I have selected a sound engineer and musician to do the sound effects and music, and already have a lot of SFX done. The music has been commissioned.
I am getting some trial artwork done for part of the game where my own coder art sucks too badly.
A lot of the coder-artwork has been done, mostly involving Poser.

Still to do:
Bug fixing
Play testing
Demo build
Mod support and online integration, if any.
Final text run-through.

I'm considering dropping record companies from the game entirely. They are fiddly from a game-mechanic POV, and I'm not sure they really add much. The game focuses mainly on smaller bands anyway, and these days, there is nothing to stop you recording your own album and selling it online. I'm still undecided about that part of the game.

I think the game is fun and cool, and could do well, but you never really know these things till they go on sale.

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