Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why all programmers should learn to shoot a bow

Some good reasons why game coders should take up archery:

1) Archery is physical. You do a mental job all day (in many ways), so why not take a break from number-crunching and exercise your body for a change? Archery can be tiring, and should burn off some of those donuts

2) You spend 8 hours a day staring at a screen 1 foot away. Archery makes you stare at a target 60 feet away, giving your eyes some much-needed exercise

3) Archery demands good posture. You simply can't slouch and shoot a bow. You probably have terrible posture from hours hunched in a coders chair. This will be good for you.

4) Archery lets you put those FPS aiming skills to the test. And it's way mroe satsifying. The thwacking noise of several arrows grouped together on a target is way better than the feedback you get in a computer game, Even with force feedback :D

5) Archery means leaving the house. Unless you have a huge house, you won't have an indoor range. Granted, I shoot at an indoor range, but at least I have to walk to the car and back to get there, thus exposing myself to sunlight.

6)You can pretend you are legolas.

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