Friday, March 09, 2007


I have struggled a bit with the right way to show the mood of your band members. The band members appear as photos on your 'desktop' basically a 2D poser-generated image with a white 'polaroid' style border.
At first, I had thought you could just double click them, open their details window and take a look, but thats too clunky. So I tried adding some icons to the side of them, or particle effects, but this broke the 'paradigm' of them being photos, and never looked that good.
So then I tried tinting the color of the photo border to show mood, but that looked a bit horrid.
So I finally realised I needed different images for each mood, for each person.
So if I have maybe 50 different people in the initial release, thats 200 poser renders.
Luckily they are jpg, so filesize is not much of an issue. Also luckily, my new dual-core PC renders from poser at superhuman speeds.
I think it's going to be worth the extra effort anyway.

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