Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gameplay Balancing

In my efforts to reproduce a very rare but nasty crash bug, I've been doing some long playthroughs of the game. I'm probably going to 'end' the game at the five year point, with the score shown then, and the option to continue forever if you like (not sure about that yet).
I've got a lot of things that need tweaking to keep the late part of the game balanced. As you get to the bigger venues, it becomes too easy to sell them out, and your big concern is to get together the cash to hire the venue in the first place. This is wrong, and selling out a gig needs to be a tricky and rare situation.

Currently the potential audience is FAME * 10, and the amount who show up is affected by your hype.
But there is a mismatch in data between the size of venue you can afford to book, and your audience. This is just a numbers game, I need to tweak it a lot and get it right. I think I'll write some code that logs how famous you are at each gig, and the gig capacity, and then adjust either their capacities or the equation for attendence accordingly.
This is one of those things that might take a few weeks of constant fiddling to get right. I know I'm at *least* 4 weeks from a finished game right now.

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