Sunday, February 25, 2007


The word on the street is 'customiseable avatars are what would sell more copies". I can believe that this is at least partly true. People love to customise stuff. It's not as cool as it used to be, now that every single game ever has exactly the same long list of options to tweak your avatar, but I guess people still like it.

Kudos let you pick from about 20 different avatars, you just picked one you liked and that was it.
Rock Star will go very slightly further. You can pick your avatar, and then choose a variant, which is just a fancy way of organising picking from a large group of avatars.
Heres the variants for one of them:

At the end of the day, it's a 2D game with no animation, so to some extent, who really cares? but I suppose people like to pick someone they identify with in games like this.
If I was doing a 3D game, I'd have way more scope to customise stuff, plus I could animate the guy, but unless I'm creating 3D world for you to explore, I'm not sur it's really worth it. I'm hoping that some gameplay depth and variety will offset a lack of whizz-bang animation, although I would still like to (somehow) have some animated characters on the gig screen. The trouble is, 2D animations require a lot of memory.
hmmmm.... maybe using poser, and a lot of practice I could do something?

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