Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Casual MMOs

I just rejoined eve-online, for a few months, just to see how it is, and have some fun, but I know it's not really my ideal MMO. No doubt I'll try pirates of the burning sea and Star Trek Online too (maybe).
But none of these games are what I want in an MMO.
Eve is a perfect example of how insular, complex and geeky a modern MMO game can be.
The games complexity is insane, you need to know so much stuff to play on a level with most of the long term players, that I honestly think you could do an astrophysics degree in less time. Like all MMOs, it has its own language and terminology that isn't explained to people in a friendly way.

I normally would avoid MMos entirely, but the reason I want to get into one is I enjoy playing a game that has a lasting effect. How ever many times I score highly in BF2,it doesn't actually make a any lasting difference, and nobody else is affected by what I do. I want a game where I can build something, maybe a small castle, or even just run my own bar somewhere, ideally as a ferengi, with an idiot brother and a regular mute customer.
I don't care what 'level' my character is. Any retard can get to level 60 in WOW, there is no skill involved. I could just paypal someone some cash and be level 60 right now. I can buy a battleship in eve with a click of a mouse button. who cares?

REAL achievement in an MMO is building something that money and time cannot get you, like making *your* ferengi bar really popular with other players, or making it unique or famous in some way.
Secondlife has the idea partly right, because everyone creates their own clothes, their own place to live. The trouble is, there is no policing of content at all, and the whole thing is a mess.
Bah. I'm rambling, but I firmly believe that current MMO games are deeply flawed and will only ever attract the hardcore gamers who want a screenfull of icons, and lots of stats.
Someone, eventually will make an ultra casual MMO that *anyone* can play and enjoy, without all the griefing and grinding crap. Then you will see an MMo with 40 or 50 million players.
Someone lend me some cash. I'll do it :D.

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