Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Supreme Computer

When I saw today's blues news item : Supreme Commander Demo out tomorrow, I thought *now* is the time to finally order the new PC. Then the demo comes out, and I am told it's not until 23rd feb that my PC arrives.
This is most vexing.
I ordered a 2.4 gig dual core 4MB cache thing with 2gig RAM and a GeForce 8800 GTS video card.
Should be a big step up from my single core chip and 6800 card I have now. I just hope that Poser 6 takes advantage of dual core, and maybe even Visual Studio 2005 too?

In game-development related news, I'm still hacking away at the mountain of features in the Rock Star Game. I put in song an gig boredom today, so you can't just stay in a rut, and also added an element of tiredness for musicians, plus fiddled with some cosmetic stuff.
I recently spent a whole day (gasp) on doing better laser, smoke and flames effects for the stage stuff. All good fun. I finally have a real standalone particle editor, which makes this stuff much easier. One day I must find an excuse to do a shootemup game so I can write som hardcore particle effects stuff. I love all that.

After about 2 weeks, I'm a happy BMT Micro customer, as opposed to plimus, although nobody seems to order the half-price planetary defence. I must look into that.

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