Saturday, December 02, 2006

Good sales, but can't buy this house...

I spent quite a long time making really amateurish games that didn't sell well, and were not really especially good.
Then I started working out what I was doing, ignored the graphics stuff and got heavily into game design.
Since then, I've done better and better. At first it was a nice secondary income. Then at some stage, I bought a nearly-new car, cash, purely with my games earnings. I thought I was pretty lucky then.
Then I left the industry and worked for myself, and thought I'd have to tighten my belt a bit.
happily, things just got better and better, and now I'm doing fairly nicely from it. Nothing too outrageous, but a comfortable living. Happy times indeed.

Unfortunately house prices near me can be a bit steep. Check out this house that's about 5 minutes drive from mine. It's a tad pricey, I think you'll agree...

Expensive House near cliffski

Some people must sell a LOT of stuff.

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