Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Learning from Star Trek : Legacy

Star Trek : legacy, the new RTS game is coming out in 3 weeks. I am a huge star trek fan, and I love RTS games. I own most Star trek games that exist for the PC, I open my letters with a klingon knife. I own the whole of DS9 on video AND DVD. I am totally the target market. I have enough cash to buy the game, and a PC that should run it.

I haven't ordered it.


Here's why...
Firstly, although I've seen 90,000 screenshots for it, all of them are pictures of spaceships taken to look really 'cool' but with zero GUI, and no idea of how the game will be played. Is this really an RTS? it looks more like eve online. How many ships can I control?, does the GUI take up half the screen? I have NO idea. (and I have better things to do than wade through hundreds of 'previews' full of hype and bull without finding the answers).

Secondly, this is a multi-platform XBox + PC game. Methinks its designed for the XBox, with a graphics engine for the XBox, and modding support aimed at the XBox (not much). I'm a PC buyer. I am VERY wary of this.

Thirdly (and this is the main one). There is NO demo, and NO demo planned. I was considering pre-ordering anyway, but seeing that not only do they flatly refuse to do a demo, but the developers forums actually closed 9 topics of people who dared to ask if there would be one, and why not, I see this as a big huge warning sign.
Refusing to do a demo is like holding up a sign saying

"Give us your money before you see what you are getting, because we might not get it once you've seen it"

This really irritates me. Maybe I'm wrong and the game will kick ass, but at this rate I'll never know.
If you were thinking of buying Democracy or Kudos without trying the demo. DON'T. try the demos first. they are free, quick and easy downloads direct from my site. I want you to be happy with your purchase. try before you buy. It's one of the best ways you gamers can encourage us devs to make better games.

Bah etc.

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