Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Error - Exchange rate not found

Someone high up in the US govt, please sort out your exports and manufacturing or invent some amazing new widget you actually make in the US that people in the UK want, because this flipping exchange rate is killing me.
Ok, not exactly KILLING me, but its becoming most irksome to get 1.92 dollars to the pound. I am generally paid in dollars, which are all very nice and all that, but when I convert them into pounds I rarely have enough to buy some spotted dick and custard*

On the gamedev front, things continue to trundle along. I now spend more and more time dealing with tech support emails, publisher emails, moderating my forum, and doing admin / businessy things, and less time actually making games.

This is a pain because I REALLY want to get some progress made on my unmentioned next game, which (true to form) is no longer currently starship tycoon 2.

I need to make an apology in advance to a certain artist, whom TWICE I have asked for quote on artwork, and TWICE I have decided to not do that game. As a result, I'm waiting till this one is really close to being done before I pester you for a quote for this game...

*a typical british meal.

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