Friday, October 27, 2006

Update on everything

Ok so what's new?
Well I've still been working on Starship Tycoon 2. It's making slow progress because I'm not really in the 'zone' in terms of coding it right now. Bits of it *do* look very nice, but theres bits I'm just not sure about. Slower progress than I would like.

Kudos is in its 3rd week in the Yahoo top ten, which is great news. My own direct sales are also doing well, a combination of some advertising, some spillover from yahoo, plus some democracy sales due to upcoming US mid terms.

I've been speaking to a whole range of different people about Kudos and it's future, in terms of portal deals, sequels etc etc. I'm pretty keen to do a sequel to the game, or at the very least, a much expanded version of the current one. I'm thinking about different approaches I could take with a kudos-styled game, and trying to figure out what's best to do next.

I was asked about selling the IP to one of my games, but the discussion ended very quickly when I was asked to put a figure on how much it's worth (and replied). I think that the online publishers are so used to getting their own way, they aren't ready for someone to just say "no". I was doing fairly well even without *any* portal sales. That means I'll do portal deals that I like the sound of. I'm very very happy to say no, when I don't like the terms. If only all developers worked that way.
Even the biggest, hippest, high-traffic portal, is just a blank page of html unless it has new games on it :D

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