Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm going on holiday. Within the next 12 hours I'll be cocooned in a tin box hurtling through the air at high speed while irritating air hostesses try and sell me alcohol I won't want, or ply me with processed food I won't eat. Doubtless the fact that I'll be wearing bulky headphones and trying to enter a state of meditative trance for the journey will mark me out as an evil terrorist.

The big problem is, I'll be away from positech for 2 weeks. I'm going to the middle of nowhere and phone lines will not be accessible, let alone broadband web access. There is literally nothing I can do to respond to email or other such inquiries for 14 days.
I doubt the world will end, but I suspect I will have major email cloggage on my return. At least 4 people will not bother to check my forums or website, but will email me fierce, aggressive hate mail because I haven't replied to their tech support issue, or set them up a replacement download link for the files they didnt backup when they formatted their disk.
I route my email through so many different locations and filters, it looks like a phone call from 'sneakers', and at none of these points am I given the option to do a blanket "reply all" with an autoresponder.
So I guess I'll just have to worry about it when I get back.

The latest thrilling games news is I've frozen development on Starship Tycoon 2 for the time being (I'll get back to it) to do a totally different game.
yes I am mad.
But it will be a great game. I reckon.

Lastly, I bought a new digital camera today. My old sony one is dying. This one is about the size of a runner bean and as slim as a sheet of paper. Its flipping amazing. And it has 1 GIG of memory. That's insane It wasn't that expensive either. Technology is getting mental.

Cya later dudes.

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