Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Def Leppard

Always annoyed me because they were from sheffield, yet tried to sound really american. They were also really 'precise', and all looked a bit too clean-cut for my liking.
Good album production (for the time), but a little too tidy if you ask me.
I saw extreme at the astoria once before they were a success and it was flipping brilliant. Then I saw them 6 months later at the Hammersmith Odeon after they had been number 1 in the charts, and they were so clinical and polished I wanted to vomit. I also met them briefly at one of those record signing things, when I was a jobbing session guitarist. They were dead arrogant and miserable. A few weeks earlier I'd met Little Angels, and they were really nice guys.

Where did all the rock n roll go?

I will usher in a new era of appreciation for permed-hair and spandex with my new game. Just you watch.


If you are liable to split your sides at the sight of pompous heavy metal bands DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK:

I actually saw them live once. Supporting someone else. Can't remember who. might have been anthrax or testament.

Edit Edit:
holy crap this ones even more awesome:

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