Monday, December 18, 2006

Smell The Glove

So I'm serious enough about recreating the vibe of cheesy rock bands who take themselves too seriously that I just ordered a book on the history of Black Sabbath, which should be filled with all kinds of spinal-tap style amusement.

For those who are NEW, this is because my new game is a sort of music-biz-life-sim-tycoon thing, based on the same rough template as the superb KUDOS.
Kudos came second (after virtual villagers) in Game Tunnels 'sim game of the year'. Coming second is cool, but coming first would have been better. I guess I need to pull out more stops with the next game.

Recent efforts have concentrated on doing some minimal eye-candy for the 'gig' screen, that will have an image that reflects how big / small / grubby a venue you played at, how many people turned up, and what amazing light show you had.
For now its just a few layered spotlights and fairly rubbish particle effects and 'bang' noises.
Still, that sounds like some of my first gigs.

I just recoded the auditionee stuff so that it uses a pre-defined database of hopefulls, rather than random generation. Predefined entries let me define better characters whose name match their personality and instrument of choice etc.

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