Friday, October 13, 2006

Editing Tools & the Sims effect

Still working away on Starship Tycoon 2, in-between other stuff, like patches for Kudos, and checking on it's progress at Yahoo. (looks like it's doing well).
I've actually started doing some primitive level editing tools for ST2, this is way earlier than normal for me, as I always end up worrying about this at the end, when I'm bored with it all, and always do a half-assed effort. Heres a brief screenshot:

I also did a brief email interview, which was cool, and bought PC Zone, because they reviewed Kudos. They slagged it off, which was 100% predictable. It's not the kind of game they like. Like most games magazines, and hardcore gamers, they have a dislike of anything in the general genre of the 'sims'. This amuses me, as they have the UK charts in the mag:

1 The Sims 2
2 The Sims 2 (open for business)
7 The Sims 2 (nightlife)
11 the Sims 2 (University)
18 The complete collection of the Sims

Clearly a pretty popular game. So you would think this would be reflected? but under the mini review of sims 2 university it says: (a haiku)

Boolocky Pissy Arse
Shitty Shitty mango tree
Stop buying Sims soon

Wow. It must suck as a games journalist when so many many people like a game style you don't think is l33t. The sims sells because its a great game. nobody puts a gun to these peoples heads.
ho hum.

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