Monday, June 26, 2006

Take 2 Take my money

Take 2, a rather large american software company owes me thousands of dollars in royalties and wont even reply to email, nor will they give out their phone numbers. Anyone know a good lawyer? its a clear-cut case of some bunch of incompetent corporate scumbags just blatantly not paying royalties or delivering royalty statements, so it shouldnt be a complex case.
On another note, if your an indie game developer and considering signing with Take2 or globalstar, I strongly recommend not doing so.
and if anyone from take2 is reading this, give me my money and I'll think about removing this post.
I will NEVER deal with that company again in a million years.

If you like my game - Starship Tycoon and see it on the store shelves in the US, do me a favour and don't buy it. I'm not getting any royalties from it.

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