Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Arguing with the piracy kids
I can't believe how backwards some of the slashdot posters are these days.
Here's an open message to anyone who want's to pirate my games:

I worked damned hard on these games. I didnt make you sit through FMV or adverts to play them. There is no DRM on them, there is no spyware or other big brother tactics. they are cheap. There are free demos. You have no excuses.
If you think that stealing my hard work is victimless, you are deluding yourself. If I don't sell enough games, I won't make any more, I'll get a job doing something else. End result = no new games.
Every time you pirate a game, copy a game, or turn a blind eye to friends who do so, you are putting people like me out of business. If you like a game, BUY it. Nobody 'owes' you anything. It takes serious hard work to make video games. Don't be a cheap ass when it comes to paying for entertainment.


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