Sunday, December 18, 2005

Change of Direction?
I started thinking about doing a totally different type of game next. That would mean putting the biz sim on hold. I got thinking about it manically last night. The thing is, anyone can write a biz sim, although its harder than it looks. I'm thinking of coding a game that I don't think anyone else would make. I knocked up some concept screenshots this morning and I like it already. The problem is, it would be alsmost impossible to market.
The game would be massively AI-centric. AI is what I coded at Lionhead (mainly) and I LOVE it. It's way more interesting than coding gfx, sound, multiplay, input etc.
My game would involve some seriously experimental AI, although I've learned a lot about structuring this kind of stuff with Democracy and The Movies. I reckon it might be worth a few months investment to see where it goes. It will be, (like Democracy) a game that no big publisher will touch, and that will fit no genre whatsoever. I think I may have to make it anyway.

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