Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ok there's no going back to the dayjob now, I bought a fax machine. If that's not serious I don't know what is. I sent a fax and everything. I hate having such a corporate piece of crap in my living room, but there ya go.
Other news:
3rd party game is good, but I need to get the design fir the last 'piece of the puzzle' done tomorrow, so I can then switch into balance / polish mode.
Marketing continues on Democracy, sales have dipped but I suspect its just a blip. Simulation game of the year on GameTunnel is announced tomorrow. Lets hope I do well there...
I bought BF2 : Special Forces today, the install is cludgey and sad, but once you delete the adverts its fun, albeit I can't work out how to bind the nightvision key. bah.
I feel a day of pacing around the living room bouncing game ideas off my cat is coming along.
Despite being someone who cares little about the trendiness of mobile phones, the new one I got my dad is uber-cool. I actually want one, and my mobile bill is maybe £5 a month.

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