Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm off on holiday for eight days tommorow. I'll be lying on a sunny beach in the Carribean drinking coktails out of pineapples. Maybe.
I'll also be reading a book on improving my writing skills. Say goodbye to my crap grammar and awful sentences!
Sales trickle along, but I do certainly need to get another game out there. I have made huge progress on the 3rd party game today which is looking lovely, and will be huge fun, but I long to get back to my now frozen positech game. I'm aiming to get it released by Summer next year, and need it to sell as well as Democracy. That won't be easy, but I learned a lot from Democracy, and am learning more from this side project, so hopefully my efficiency will be at it's peak by then.
I'm going to try hard to not think about sales figures while I'm on the beach.

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