Friday, November 25, 2005

Day Sixteen? Download managers are EVIL
Back in my day download managers were programs like GetRight. These are good programs, they let you queue up some stuff to download, set a timer, choose a download directory, even set a speed limit so you can still surf or send emails while downloading.
These days there is a new download manager. These are programs that effectively replace the normal .exe file of a game demo. With these programs you download a tiny application that then connects to the web, and downloads the game for you. The developers sue them so they can track downloads better. But the advantages they give the player are these:
But the disadvantages:
1) You can't set a speed limit on them
2) They try and add themselves to your startup registry just like spyware (no thanks)
3) They often clutter your desktop, and due to a bug, some can never be removed. Thanks!
4) They need you to give them web access through your firewall. No thanks, I'm pretty choosy about firewall settings and what's allowed through.
In summary, they are a BAD idea. The only worst idea would be this:
Set up 'exclusive' deals with big companies like filefront to host a 2 gigabyte game demo. Insist on them having to display 200 flash adverts and go through 10 pages of hard sell before getting to a download link
Include copy protection like starforce in the demo
require credit card details before allowing a demo download.
Of course, ALL of this is totally insane, and I've seen other companies do ALL of it. I summarise that they are all clearly mad. In the meantime, download some of my demos. You will find simple fast .exe links direct to the demos at my homepage. It's not rocket science.

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