Thursday, November 24, 2005

Not the real Sid M, I've never met him, But his 3D-rendered virtual dummy that guides the Civ 4 demo tutorial. I like to lean games QUICK. It's a demo remember, so I am just gauging my interest. Let me play and have fun quick, don't bore me.
Things I note:
WHY is there a 'virtual sid'? How much did this cost? Why bother?
WHY does sid try and do a jedi mind trick animation on me?
WHY am I being told 'congratulations!' every time I click the mouse? You TOLD me where to click, did I just invent quantum physics? Don't treat me like a puppy learning tricks. I'm a 36 year old computer programmer. grrrrrr.

The game itself seems good, so why present it as though it's barbie goes ski-ing? I neither need to look at a virtual game designer, nor hear him speak. I am literate. I can read...

Ok rant over, today I've been waiting for an email from the mystery 3rd party (no joy), and coding progress bars. They are MUCH more complex than you'd think (especially nice rounded 3 part ones that look cool). But they are done now. thank heavens.

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