Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I had a worrying recent sales slump, but a chat ot a fellow indie developer reassured me that his sales were down too, and it must be a holidays thing. And things are picking up now. In any case, a new advertising campaign kicks off in about 8 hours. *fingers crossed*.
I must have done code and image mockups for about 5 game design ideas in the last week. I still cant decide which one to go with. Democracy is actually quite a tough game to develop a sequel to. I have several totally different game ideas I'm considering right now.
I just finished a mammoth singleplayer Empire Earth 2 battle. Man, that game is knackering. The AI was building settlements as fast as my ICBMs could flatten them. And I didnt have an easy way to get my l33t Mechs into his base.
Great fun!

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