Monday, July 04, 2005

AWEsome stats

Since I moved ISPs to hostgator I have been getting used to a whole new bunch of website reporting tools. One of the free tools you get is called 'awstats'. Its truly amazing, I can filter by file type, see detailed reports on every file, every request, every visitor... its fantastic.
For example, in the last 4 days my .exe downloads are :

Democracy demo - 316 downloads
Saucer Attack - 68
Starship Tycoon demo - 50
Starlines demo - 41
Kombat Kars demo - 26
Ultratron demo - 8
Slay demo - 6
Minefield demo - 6

Thats nice data to have! I'm amazed how many people are downlaoding Saucer attack, I should get around to changing its upsell stuff so that it promotes my newer games...

I've started coding a little experimental AI program thats proving very interesting. to early to really talk about it though.

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