Sunday, June 26, 2005

For some strange reason my bank has started insisting that checks (or 'cheques' as we brits say) are 'endorsed by the payee' before being paid in if they are 'drawn' on a foreign bank.
My royalties are in dollars from the US (don't even MENTION the exchange rate ok?), so the last two got sent back to me with letters explaining why. I was annoyed, I have no idea what 'endorsed by the payee' means, so I phoned them.
Now normally in the UK, this means I would waste up to 30 minutes listening to hold music in a telephone queue. However, there are precisely TWO banks in the UK who answer the phone in person, rapidly, 24/7 without hesitation, and can help you instantly.
these two banks are and caterallen. Thankfully these are my two banks :D
So all it means is 'sign the back of the cheques', which is easy, yet I suspect, entirely redundant as a means of preventing fraud. ho-hum.

In other exciting news, I am putting together a page for modding democracy, and have already got my Creationism mod ready for download, with more mods in the pipeline.

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