Saturday, April 30, 2005

I just saw the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy film. I have to say I thought it was a disaster. Trillian suddenly a hot chick who falls in love with Arthur? WTF? Why was marvin so unfunny? did trillian really need a shower scene? what was all this crap with the vogons, and who is the mystery woman with them? Why add new crap content when so much was left out?
The film made no sense and wasnt vaguely funny. It was the very worst example of hollywood wrecking a genuinely funny quirky english story. I havent been so gobsmacked at the tackyness of scifi since that vulcan woman did a gratuitous shower scene in the first episode of enterprise (the last episode I ever watched).
Thinking of seeing the film? do yourself a favour, dont bother, rent the DVD of the BBC series instead.
In happier news, Democracy is no longer selling like hot cakes. The cakes are now well and truly flame-grilled and superheated to blinding intensity. And this is without all the new improved stuff that will eventually be in a bigger patch, which im currently working on.
w00t etc.

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