Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Its been a busy few days because Democracy is now in beta, plus I've been fixing a few thinsg and adding some polish, like icon mouseover effects and firework displays for re-election :D.
I have a few people beta testing the game, but to be honest have not got much feedback. People don't seem to realsie that beat testing is about giving feedback to the developer. I simply don't understand why people beta test otherwise. In future I will just pay proffesional testers to evaluate the game, as people seem to just treat it as a way to get an early demo. Very dissapointing.
Publisher interest in the game is extremely high, without me having to even go looking for any, ditto the press. it seems there is a genuine market for a game like this which is very encouraging. I'm hoping to polish and balance for maybe another week or so before release unless I end up signing an exclusive deal.

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