Friday, March 18, 2005

My fellow indie developers probably don't realise how torturous this can be, as many indie games onyl require the most simple of save game data. This was not the case with Starship tycoon and is SURE is not the case with democracy. Save game code is HELL, and that's not an amateur talking, I wrote the save game code for The Movies (Lionhead) which was seriously complex. Democracy uses a far better format and system (having learned from previous games) but its still tough. Essentialy, Democracy is a neural network with delayed responses between selected neurons, and this is NOT a trivial thing to save. Most of it works (there are no crashes and the data makes sense), but the problem is there is some problems with the delayed effects when loading in games. In some respects I need the delayed effects to 'catch up' but in some cases I need to preserve the mid-drift nature of a neural 'lever'.
As a result I won't be getting a beta copy done tonight. Maybe sunday...

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