Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I've been working on democracys save/load code, as well as knocking up a brand new website for it which is still unfinished. I'm aiming for the website to be totally fresh and new looking, rather than just use the same layout and stylesheet as positech.co.uk. It will still link back to the positech website, but hopefully it will have more content than some of my other sub-sites.
One thing I need to get adding is a press page for the game, as well as maybe a technical page on how its made and specifically how easy it is to mod.
I have a steady trickle of people signing up to be beta testers, but i'm getting close to finishing it now and I need a better site if I'm to generate more buzz.

On an unrelated note it seem spamcops filters on their webmail have died. This is a poor show indeed.
I came accross the website for piratesoftheburningsea a new pirates MMORPG today. Looks extremely good fun. yarrrrr!

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