Thursday, January 20, 2005

Cruise Ship Tycoon
I ranted to an activision dude about the demo download for this game and behold he gave me a free copy. I just gave it a whirl. This is a 'budget' title, and you can tell its been kinda rushed. Some basic stuff like making it easy to shut dialogs, tooltips and intuitive camera controls are all missing. Still it could be a LOT worse.
Its actually reasonably fun, and it does give me (as I thought it might) LOTS of ideas to improve Starship Tycoon.
In the meantime I've been doing a tutorial for Democracy. Its not 100% done and its far from perfect but already its very usable, I'm so happy with the *right* way to code this stuff now, if Only I knew this when I did ST...
I really need some quiet time alone to balance the actual data and gameplay of Democracy. I'm still working on the save/load stuff, but the list of tasks between now and releasing it is gradually getting shorter. The uncertainty of whether or not its a hit or a disaster at this stage is pretty gruelling.

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