Saturday, January 22, 2005

Well as you can see I've been sprucing up my blog colours :D
Also been working on democracy, and trying out darwinia, the new game that I'm really underwhelmed by. I thought it would be great but its a user interface disaster!
Anyway, I'm building up my list of email addresses for the next Democracy press release. I'm hoping to have another round of testing in a week or two. The interface is now much more polished, and theres a way better tutorial. The one big thing that's not done is Save/Load which is going to be a real pain, butI have to just grit my teeth one weekend and force myself to get it done.

I need to chase the artist for the rest of the icons, and pick some music for it too. Might give some classical music a listen now.

For those new to this blog, Democracy is my fiendishly complex political strategy game I'm making in my *spare* time.

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