Sunday, January 16, 2005

I made a list today of remaining tasks on democracy. I currently have 3 workable ideas for my next game so its good to be getting to the last stretch of this one. Hopefully it will sell well enough to justify adding content post-ship though.
I've added a basic soundmanager to the game, just reused the Planetary Defence sound system. I'll probably be using classical music,but I haven't picked the track yet.
I also polished the new policy screen, and added a generic slider control for adjusting stuff like music volume.
I'm hoping to be at the beta stage within a few weeks, and hopefully on sale around March, after some considerable play balancing.
I'm finally getting bored with Call of Duty, luckily pirates! is getting cheaper (I won't buy it full price with no demo) and cossacks 2 is out soon, although the videos for it are absolutely dreadful. surely this isn't the new engine?

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