Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I have nothing against advertsing as such, but pointless logos and brand catch phrases kinda irk me. I bought a copy of Battle for Middle Earth for a friend, and tried it out. I didnt buy it because EA made it, I don't need to be told to challenge everything, I dont care that it's got THX sound, or that the film the game was based on was made by new line cinema. Nor do I give a toss that it runs best on a pentium 4.
This wasn't a demo/advert/trialware. This cost me money.
By all means market to your potential customers, but once you have their money STFU and let them enjoy the product. Amazing though it may seem, people don't buy games to look at your logos, they buy them to play them.
Starship Tycoon has no logo screens or startup movies, and Democracy never will either. I care about my customers, I'm not going to waste their time. That's insulting them. If you are thick enough to force me to watch videos, at least make them skippable, otherwise I need to visit gamecopyworld to get a fix for it. Is that what you want?

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