Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I got some nice coverage at for democracy, and finally got some more work done on it today, a quick bit of playtesting and some new dilemmas for the game these are:

Child labour laws
Subliminal Advertising
Debt collection law

Democracy contains 'dilemmas' which are basically a snap decision as president that sides with one group of voters or another. So when it comes to debt collection agencies, the Poor and Liberals might want you to crack down on them, but capitalists and maybe the self employed are in favour of leaving such agencies unchecked.
Dilemmas are in because they are the one part of the game that FORCES you to upset some people, you can't please everyone all the time etc. I know have a total of 25 dilemmas so far, I need many more although its hard because the dilemmas must affect voting groups that actually exist in the game. Upsetting geeks doesn't matter because there are no geeks as a distinct social group (for example).. Feel free to post suggested dilemmas.

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