Friday, December 31, 2004

I got some sales figures from Starship Tycoons US publisher that were disappointing. This isn't that much of a surprise as they basically didn't publicise it much. It's made more money in Russia, and a LOT more money online. Its generally my plan to treat retail sales as a nice little side earner if they happen. The drive for democracy will be 100% online, and 100% through my site, at least at the start.

I have to re-engineer some of it today, as my wife cleverly pointed out a potential cheat in the way that the neural network operates. This shouldn't be too bad though.
I've also been adding a number of new events. Its actually quite tough to come up with enough, especially ones which are generic enough, applicable to the policies and simulation data that I have and are also good fun. I have around 40 so far.

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