Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thanks to a helpful user I was able to post a fix to build 2.31 of starship tycoon. This only affects the full version and resolves a crash bug on saving if you have fired any crewmembers. Its good to get that fix done.
I also added a faq to the starship tycoon site with a bit more information on it. I'm hoping to bulk out the website even more soon.
One change I did make recently is to take advantage of a lot of very old legacy links to starlines_free.exe. This was the old demo for StarLines, and it was still getting lots of hits. Because ST basically IS starlines only better, I put a demo of ST there and named it with the same filename, so basically people following a really old link to an old game will still get the very best demo. Hopefully it won't confuse people, and might well boost my sales, as ST has a much better conversion rate than StarLines.
I'm still working away on democracy, added a few new events and dilemmas last night.

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