Sunday, April 04, 2004

I need the advice of my peers. so here is a screenshot of the game design for government:

So heres my new (potential) game. Its a turn based management/sim game, where you are the president of a fictional country. The game has no way to win, you can only lose, if you fail to win the election each 4 years (each turn is 1 month).
You have to remain popular with the people, by implementing policies to fix problems, improve the standard of living, and react to events (like labour disputes, economic problems, crime sprees etc).
You manage all this by implementing and adjusting policies in one of 8 different policy areas. Each policy can be adjusted for its effectiveness. (so if you have a policy to tax fuel, you can adjust how much its taxed by a slider).

This is a rough mockup of the main GUI, showing a policy thats already in effect, and icons for other policies scattered around. The green or red coloring of each segment shows how popular or unpopular that area of policy is at the moment.

So is it a good idea? a terrible idea? is the gui design good or bad?
am i insane?
I know that sim games sell (starship tycoon sells nicely still) so I'm going with that style of game, I'm just not sure about the subject matter and the design.

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