Sunday, April 04, 2004

This morning I got 189 emails, 186 of them were viruses or spams. That doesnt count any that spamcop might have caught. I think there is a new virus out, as these emails claim to come from some address at positech, and even have my url as the url at the bottom of the message. I think its trying to trick people into thinking their own company has virus scanned it. very lame.
In the days of boot sector virii, maybe there was some skill involved, but these days any moron can code a virus or worm.
None of us are impressed, you are just wrecking the net.
In fact, with most of googles results now being spam from other search engines, and 99% of email being worms or spam, the webs two most important features are all but worthless.
I've given up on email newsletters, most people would flag them as spam, even after they opted it.
Sales have been slow which is grim, but im actually slowly getting somewhere on the government game.

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