Saturday, April 03, 2004

That warez site got getting some yahoo groups closed. Do these people think us indie gamers don't need to pay rent or something? scumbags.

Anyway... I've been through a rollerocaster of emotion this morning whilst designing the GUI for my new game - Government. At one point I was doubting the game idea as well as the GUI, but after a bit of experimenting I'm getting closer now to my screenshot mockup which will help me see how the game should look and play.
I think its definitely the right thing to do, to design the games GUI and appearance before doing too much (or indeed any) work on the code itself.
Haven't sold any shareware today but sold 2 copies of StarLines through realgames. Why didn't these people want starship tycoon? it would have been more money all round.
oh well, their loss, hope they enjoy selling nothing but tetris clones.

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