Thursday, March 25, 2004

ISP came back quite quickly.
At work Ive been playing the desertrats game a bit more, great stuff. Also doing some fairly fun gui code.

The net connection at work is truly deadfull, and for the last two months there have been about 35 people in an office sharing 1 kettle which takes 15 minutes to boil.
a new ketle is maybe £20?
Why havent we bought one? - beauracracy, my old nemesis. I am truly staggered at how inept large companies are. It seems the bigger the company, the less flexible, the less efficient, the more red-tape bound it becomes. I worked somewhere once where they thought it costs £100 to order anything because of the red tape. You want a new stapler? yyou cant get it at the shop and claim £1 back, you have to fill out forms... waste time... etc
Lionhead isn't vaguely that bad, but it amazes me how much bullshit not related to making games is involved in a big games company.
Thankfully I don't have to worry about any of that crap doing my own games. And I don't have to worry about hype or other bullshit., If you want to try my games, download them in 2-3 minutes, if you like em, buy em. You can ask me a question by email or my message board and get a real answer, not some bullshit form repsonse, or have to register and hand over your privacy to some huge multinational like EA just to find out why the game crashes....
Some days I HATE this industry ;)

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