Sunday, March 28, 2004

Well I haven't sold a copy of Starship tycoon for a few days which is unusual, as well as highly unexpected seeing as though my advertising has now been restarted. Oh well.

I spent some time working on the new game (I'm calling it 'government' at the moment), but I have also taken some time out to think through the design. I have done some interface mockups, but the more work I have done, the more I realise I'm falling into the old 'traditional' sim-game interface of lots of complex windows, dialogs and options. During a meeting on the design of the Movies, I recently got very interested in designing game interfaces in a far more 'liquid' and 'fuzzy' way than the standard look for these games. It very hard to explain what I mean without using silly language and waving my arms around, but what I'm aiming for is the design equivilant of fuzzy logic, rather than the very discrete logic of separation and classification that happens in most games.
I won't really be able to explain whhat the hell I mean until I succesfully implement it in a game.
cue lots of scratching my head and drinking of tea...

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