Thursday, February 26, 2004

Back at work today.
In other news:
Got my listing for Starship Tycoon, which has pushed bandwidth up past 1.5 gigs a day, which is fine for a few days, and hopefully will generate a few sales! Sales have picked up a bit lately anyhow.
Also been speaking about a possible US retail deal for starship tycoon which could be interesting, although I've learned over the years not to get too excited about reatil deals. This one sounds more genuine than most though.
I keep turning over different game ideas in my head. Planetary Defense needs some tweaking gameplay wise, in fact more than tweaking, if its to be a big success long term. The gameplay is too similar, and it needs a bit of an overhaul, I'm thinking about adding a strategy mode to it where you purchase defenses before playing, or maybe a different mode where you are defending a single city... still mulling over ideas, determined to get things sorted in my mind before doing any code.
I also had my first ever affiliate sale, I sold a copy of TV manager by Niels Bauer, which all helps pay the rent. I need to sort out the indiegames page better so I can get some more affiliate sales.

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