Saturday, February 28, 2004

OK... been busy
Well I've sold a few games, been working on some documents for a publishing deal for Starship Tycoon, still in the early stages, but looks genuine.
As I type this, something called 'Chamed' is on TV. This is AWFULL. Who gets paid to write this junk? its a bunch of perfect-cheekboned US sexy Teens fighting aliens or something... how sad.
Oh well.
The Movies is going well, I had a ton of stuff to do, but managed to get it all done on friday, such is the easily extenisbility of my code ;)
Also, updating ST now with new planet textures (far better) and some gui fixes, and then tommorow I'll start work on a NEW game! I have an idea this time that it might make it past the 1 day of enthusiam point. hurrah.

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